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“I am God, la de dah.”

Lover of words.


see that girl you just called a bitch? she didn’t hear you say it louder

i’m so cute, why am i single? 

i’m so cute, why am i single? 

Gross beer, chips, and hummus 🍻

Gross beer, chips, and hummus 🍻

into this



sing to me sweet disposition and make me fall in love with you

Q: I noticed a trend in your posts and I was wondering, Do you consider "Guts" something completely seperate from "Haunted"? Are you ashamed of "Haunted" or something? because I loved it. Cora Reynolds was one of my favorite stories... also, wasn't there going to be an HBO series based on Haunted?
Asked by: gsxp

Not to worry.  I hate all my books and stories equally.  Last year, we sold the film rights to ‘Haunted’ and I’m puzzled why it’s not shooting by now.  There was recent talk of ‘Lullaby’ becoming an HBO series, but nothing is settled.

this is v exciting 


UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury showing his support for the LGBT community - Legalize Gay

Look at the disappointment in that salty bitch’s eyes



Come Together // The Beatles (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 

this is so fucking incredible, woah